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Beer N House
Favorite 2018 Tracks 12 December 2018
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1. *Vocals on this track mmmh*
2. Amp Fiddler - So Sweet (Louie Vega Remix Only Amp Mix)
3. Anderson Soares - Blown Away (Soares Groove Mix)
4. *Classics*, brings back whole lot of House 22 Memories
5. Till I Found U (DJ Spen & Karizma Mix)
6. Wipe the Needle feat.Lifford Shillingford - Kissing You (*Enjoy this*)
7. Nathan Adams Sabrina Joy - Love Yourself (Seans Anybody Dub) (*Well Made*)
8. Crowd Control - Dance Machine *One of my favorate tracks now. I rock this in my call all day*
9. Zulumafia track (cant go wrong with a ZuluMafia tracks)

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 Pta, South Africa