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Kev Dee
Laconic 051 - The Sound Of A Virus 5 May 2020
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Salute Laconians

The world is under lockdown due to an infection best identified by its code name: COVID19, keeping the best scientists and medical professionals tirelessly battling with it for a cure, and subsequently reset the world back to its normal state. Kev Dee, on the other hand, has remained in the lab campaigning for the very same cause and captured the virus’s rare sonic features. This promises to be the remedy/treatment the world has been anticipating for: Laconic 051 - The Sound Of A Virus.

You have travelled far and near to be here, waste no time in consuming this episode. Enjoy the next 43 minutes.

Until same time next week - #LaconicEveryWeek

Mixed & glued by Kev Dee on May 5th, 2020.
All rights of respective artists and labels reserved. Promotional use only.

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 Johannesburg, South Africa


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