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Kev Dee
Laconic 050 4 April 2020
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outh Africa is gazing at the past and the world seems to be adjusting to the future; that is as far as House Music BPMs go.

Yes, slower BPM seems to be a craze in South Africa, djing and producing in the slower tempo of late. While international producers like Nachtbraker, Lone, Brame & Hamo, Frits Wentink, Ross From Friends - have geared towards faster tempos even into Techno territory.

The 50th edition of Laconic concentrates on said fast-paced grooves that are not only interesting but groundbreaking, emotive and raw spiritual soundscapes - a present future if you may. Masterfully crafted and executed, Kev Dee gathered all in one and chose those that fit in an hour (including his faves - current and not so current releases).

We trust you will appreciate this high-speed adventure.

Until same time next week - #LaconicEveryWeek

Mixed and glued by Kev Dee on January 18th, 2020.
All rights of respective artists and labels reserved. Promotional use only.

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 Johannesburg, South Africa


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