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 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Member Since: 20 Apr 2011
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27 Apr 2017
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13 Dec 2016
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28 Sep 2016
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14 Sep 2016
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28 Aug 2016
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29 Feb 2016

Brazilian Soul Crew


Grooveland is a project including parties, radio show and house label.

The main objective of Grooveland is spread the good music and its references with grooves and harmony of vanguard or contemporary.
Nu jazz, broken beats, rare grooves, latin and afro beats, deep, jazzy and soulful house are compose its hall of references.

Since 2006 Grooveland Music was established by the DJ and producer Eduardo Cury, aka eDeep, Wagner Dalcin and Edground, whom saw in the national market the necessity to open a specialized house label to be a better assistant for the Brazilian house scene. This label has as mean objective working with famous artists and new talents, offering the new house music produced in Brazil.