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Brazilian Soul Crew
10 Years of House Music 12 December 2016
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Grooveland conclude ten year anniversary celebration with the glamorous "10 Years of House Music" compilation (previously, we released the stunning "10 Years of Grooveland mixed by Ars Domini", "10 Years of Deep House" and "10 Years of Soulful House" albums) which includes not less than twenty-two tracks, seventeen handpicked from the labels impressive back catalogue and five brand new. The music from the likes of Ars Domini, BSC featuring Andre, Carlos Vargas featuring Danny, eDeep, KC Jackson, Manousos, Tarek, Yotam Avni, Paris Cesvette featuring Robert Carvalho, Khulile featuring Zanele, Cällvin, Sam Qs featuring Taylor Jackson and George Tasalikis (to name just a few) spans from afro over deep and soulful to latin and jazz, perfectly demonstrating of labels diversity.

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 Sao Paulo, Brazil


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