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 Brasilia, Brazil

Member Since: 06 May 2009
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15 Dec 2008

Bell Mesk


The 90's, precisely 1992, when I started do go to lots and lots of parties in my hometown. Black Music, with lots of Soul, Funk, rap, etc. My biggest interest was staying close to the sound system to see how the Dj's managed their pick-ups and to watch how they kept the sound going on and on, non-stop, mixing sounds. Seeing and hearing that, soon I started willing to learn that art. Just like out of the blue I saw an advertisement, on a local journal, of a Dj's Course. Since I had the opportunity I dived into this world, which I much longed to belong. It was a time when nobody cared about who was controlling sounds, or about how complex the creation of dance floor magic was. Soon I finished the course, it was almost impossible to control my anxiety in acquiring equipment and become the master of ceremonies, instead of a mere habitué. I very much wanted to go to parties and play, I couldn't just keep myself dancing or watching other dj's playing. This was my first obstacle, as I couldn't afford all the equipment required to do so. Fortunately, soon I met people that, just like me, were getting into this world and already got the devices required to play. This was the beginning, I was able to start my very pleasing activity. In 1995 I got in touch with a close friend who hired me for his dj's staff and, thanks to this, I became 2nd dj in a disco in 1996 till 1997, when I became resident dj, playing there for about an year. It was about 1995~1997 when I discovered lots of dance music. Even not knowing, I was playing Chicago House, Green Velvet, Armand Van Helden, Paul Johnson, DJ Trajic, Josh Wink and many others. At that time, I was hearing "jungle", which has became "drum'n'bass". In 1998~1999 I had in my playlist songs by artists such as Zinc, Adam F, Krust, Roni Size, among others. I've played these song, in cd, till 2000. In this year, incentived by dj Poeck, I started buying vinyls lp's and using them instead of the cd's. In 2001 I met many tops in electronic music, in Brasilia, people like dj Lui J, Collares, Oblongui, Maze One, Twin Cam, Mr. Lango, Kax, Xandy, Hopper, Venom, Fills and many others. Some of them invited me to play in closed parties, where underground music ruled. After these presentations and some smaller parties, I was invited to play at "Underground movement" party, which has opened ways to play in other places and cities. In 2002 I was playing very often in electronic parties and places in the city. I played at the "Love Parade" party, which was a sucess. The week after I played at "Ecosystem" party, in Manaus, where I met several dj's/producers who enjoyed my work, and, besides giving me many of their LPs, invited me to play at the same party, in the following year. In 2003 I was playing in many parties, in Brasilia and other cities. Personal affairs made me move to Porto Velho, where I stayed for 8 months, playing in parties there and in Manaus. Again I played at "Ecosystem", and it was very surprising to me: I played a set for about 4 hours, people and djs vibrated in each turn. In the end, I was ovationed and flattened in a way I never dreamed of, besides that I was again given exclusive lps and cds, whose songs, till now, are very particular. At that party, I met several djs, from Brazil and other nations, such as Soul Slinger, Datcyde, Garon, Farinha, Selekta Starjna, Woogie, G Brown, Vitor Lima, among others. Afterwards, I was invited by dj Farinha to play in Cuiabá, city where I play more than once at that same year. I came back to Brasilia at the beginning of 2004, a little misplaced, as local trends had changed. I was playing drum'n'bass again, for a while, at the same place I played when I moved to Porto Velho. At the end of 2004 I started feeling a need for change, something radical. I left drum'n'bass and dedicated my interests and work to house music. Today, I focus on playing and getting material for house. I took part in the most important local event, project "deep house culture", produced by Henrique Hermeto, where I could do the opening for Victor Simonelli, a great house underground dj from NY. I've been creating and promoving projects on production of events focused on house music.