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Andrea Fiorino
Andrea Fiorino Mastermix #566 6 June 2018
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Kathy Brown - Get Another Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (Glitterbox)
Saison - I Need Ya (No Fuss)
Brian Power feat. Michelle John - To Feel Your Grace (Kleva Keys Club Mix) (SoulHouse Music)
DJ Mes - Da Change (Miguel Migs Salty Rub) (Salted Music)
Tough Love x Soul Divide feat. Emma Black - Keeping Warm (Tough Love Remix) (Get Twisted)
Arco & Andrea Fiorino - Lover (Klein Aber Fein)
Khillaudio - Swingin' Times (Sebb Junior Remix) (Gents & Dandy's)
Micky More & Andy Tee feat. Roland Clark - The Rhythm (Groove Culture)
Cohen - All The Times (MONOSIDE)
Folamour - Devoted To U (Classic Music Company)

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 Brno, Czech Republic