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Andrea Fiorino
Andrea Fiorino Mastermix #348 2 February 2014
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Joshua Evangelista feat. Radha - Catch Me On The Dancefloor (Mojazz Black Chocolate Mix) (ToneDef)
Chantay Savage - Let Nobody (Terry Hunter Main Mix) (T's Box)
Samma Lone - Skeet Anthem (Skeet Traxx)
Qubiko, Fabio Ricciuti - Temptation (Berny Remix) (Nite Grooves)
Rhythmic Groove & Rude Vinyl - Goldmine (Doubleunderground Mix) (Mjuzieek Digital)
Terrence Parker - When Loves The Feeling (Lenny RX & Kenny Summit Remix) (GFY Black Label)
Michaelangelo - Make You Move (Scrubfish Vox) (Caliber Sounds)
Longfield - Give Me What You Got (Got That Remix) (Soul Mjuzieek Digital)
Debra Debs - Fizzy Lemonade (Reel People Remix) (Reel People Music)
Rudi Simon feat. Porter Shields - Honest About It (Optimacy)

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 Brno, Czech Republic