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Andrea Fiorino
Andrea Fiorino Mastermix #339 (Xmas special) 12 December 2013
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Richard Earnshaw feat. Kathy Brown - It's All Good Stronger On My Own (Andrea Fiorino Stronger Mash) (-)
Richard Earnshaw feat. Michelle Weeks - The Light (Andrea Fiorino Heavenly Mash) (-)
Johnny Bravo & Mieczyk feat. Bryan Chambers - All I Do (Andrea Fiorino Give It To Me Baby Mash) (-)
DJ Man-X feat. Craig David - Fill Me In (Andrea Fiorino Tribute To DJ Man-X Mash) (-)
Arco & Andrea Fiorino - Sophisticated (Coyote Cuts)
Andy Ward & Random Soul Vs Maze - Come Together In Joy And Pain (Andrea Fiorino 2013 Rejoicing) (-)
Born To Funk & Justin Michael feat. Imaani - Pray Is On The Way (Andrea Fiorino Searchin' For Freedom Mash) (-)
Arco & Andrea Fiorino - Lover (Mjuzieek Digital)
CDock Vs Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch On Ibiza (Andrea Fiorino Gettin' Horny Mash) (-)
Arts Of Rhythm feat. Celeda - Music Is The Answer (Andrea Fiorino Old School Answer) (-)
EzyWay - Maloobchodnik (Andrea Fiorino Disco Ride) (Popron Music)

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 Brno, Czech Republic