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Andrea Fiorino
Andrea Fiorino Mastermix #282 11 November 2012
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JedSet - Save The World (SoulHeat)
A.M Dusk & Allister Whitehead - Free Your Mind (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix) (Check It Out)
Fabio Tosti feat. Marshall Jefferson - House Music (Fabio Tosti Under Club Mix) (Rule 5)
Groove Assassin - We Shall Overcome (Playmore)
Seb LeBrox - To The Morning (Mjuzieek Digital)
Lindo Martinez & Mark Wilkinson - Making Moves (Mjuzieekal Education Digital)
Bibi & Sami Dee present Kongas Motel Project - Somethin' About Da Music 2012 (Sami Dee's DripMaster Disco Zone Mix) (Mjuzieek Digital)
Crussen - Kick Ass Beat (Coyote Cuts)
DJ Mark Brickman - Deeper (Bricks Main Mix) (RaMBunktious)
Trevor Mako - Lonely (Soul Mjuzieek Digital)
Kinky Movement & Adaja Black - Loco Love (Swing City)

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 Brno, Czech Republic