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Vin presents-The Challenge 6 June 2012
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Mahmut Orhan & Boral Kibil - Fringe
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Over The Coast (David Granha Remix)
Boral Kibil - Not Feeling The Love (Original Mix)
Lank-Random Condom
Karim Shaker-Halfway Between Heaven And Earth
Junitoshi - Tibet (Boral Kibil Remix)
21Street-Mind Bender
David Granha-Today Is the Beginning (Pablo Ascenso Remix)
Relaunch-The blue Room
Damabiah - La Machine Humaine (Cid Inc Remix)
David Granha & Diego Iglesias-Amir
Cid Inc. & Lank - Our Benefactors (King Unique Remix)
Kassey Voorn-Ghalantomos (Mike Griego Remix)
Guy J-High
Nicholas Van Orton-Tixemon
Cid Inc-Defrost
Guy J & Miriam Vaga-Fly

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 Madrid, Spain