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 Sydney, Australia

Member Since: 21 Feb 2011
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The King Of Sunday Morning


Jay-B is a DJ of some 25 years playing the sort of House Music that lives in your very soul. Born in East London, Jay-B lived the acid house and rave phenomenon. Respect is due to the Raindance and Sunrise possees, Carl Cox, Fabio, Grooverider, Danny Rampling and Frankie Knuckles. All of whom had a major influence on his life. It was not long before he found himself behind the decks and touring Europe...

Jay-B has had residencies throughout continental Europe. France, Germany, Ibiza, Austria, Spain and Portugal to be exact. Four years on the Iberian peninsula dragged him away from the rave culture that he had grown up in and led him to a life of soulful latin beats. Piano's, divas, beats and bass all contrive to make Jay-B a true house DJ. Switch to a life unpredicted when JAY-B arrived in Australia to spread the gospel.

Residences in Sydney followed and he became firmly ensconced in the Sydney scene. His love of music is pervasive and infectious. His history and involvement in the industry led him to develop his second love of writing so it would come as no surprise that Jay-B is also a journalist, both in print and on the radio. He has worked all over the world on the airwaves reporting on the Winter Olympics and presenting House Music programs since its birth.

He has had plays performed and scripts adapted for film. In 2013 he released his book 'The King of Sunday Morning' to much critical acclaim. It is a rollercoaster ride of music and gangsters and represents more than just a casual nod to his own journey. It represents the cores of his own beliefs; No bowing to the lure of the lowest common denominator; Pure unadulterated House Music; Honesty through Integrity; Friendship and Humility, A love for the Old Skool while still developing the Nu.

There are no apologies for those beliefs. If you want pop, commercial, buzz-saw bass with talentless trolls, go elsewhere cos you won't find it here. Jay-B and The King of Sunday Morning delivers what he promises. House Music and Nothing But House. Ibiza Miami Sydney and anywhere else in between, Jay-B McCauley believes in House!



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