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The King Of Sunday Morning
Mardi Gras 2017 - Spirit of Love 3 March 2017
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Over the weekend just gone in Sydney we celebrated the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in all its glory. This is the community from which House Music spread its wings to the world. Without this vibrant and free expressionism House Music may never have made it out of Chicago and New York to Ibiza, London and beyond. The child of Disco and 80's pop became something other and has spawned a genre of music that embraces at its core the very notions of peace, love and unity. To all the Kings and Queens both here and in our memories I thank you. You include us in your world and we are richer for it.

This months Podcast is extra long at 2 hours and 40 mins but it is well worth the effort. Like all good journeys it builds to an effortless ride through music.

Feat Purple Disco Machine, Terry Hunter, Glen Horsborough, Ultra Naté, Roland Clark, Ross Couch, Full Intention, Pray For More, David Anthony, DJ Spen, Dj David Morales, Brian Cox and Sydney's very own HUSKY. Enjoy the moment under the rainbow flag :)

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 Sydney, Australia


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