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Sebz DaDeep Dancer
Deep Inside My Heart [Sgubhu 6 -I Lost My Friend On The 17-Sep-20] 10 October 2020
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Deep Inside My Heart [Sgubhu 6 -I Lost My Friend On The 17-Sep-20]
This edition is dedicated to my friend that i lost on the 17-September-2020
He was shot on the head 3 times of which left us in shocked till today that how can they can be so cruel and shot Sfiso like that mean while
He was not even a hamnful person , This is a scar that will never heal in our hearts...

Sfiso Desire Mahlangu was one of those people you could call at anytime or anyday for help he will come running to help/assist you
So this mixtape is dedicated to him....You will be forever be in our hearts my Brother , I will cherish the good,bad & hard times we shared together

Rest easy my Brother

May this mixtape heal all the broken hearts that were close to Sfiso

Tracklist but only titles

The Morning After (Original Mix)
Lost in Words (Original Mix)
All Thats Left (Piano Dub Mix)
Got Lost (Instrumental Mix)
I Once Was Lost (Original Mix)
Friends in the Distance (Original Mix)
Lost In Pain (Sugarstarr Remix)
Lost (Original Mix)
Lost In Deep (Lystos Bubbly Mix)
Best Friends (Original Mix)
Lost Memories (Original Mix)
I Cant Feel No Pain (Radical Mix)
Take Away My Pain (Original Mix)
Broken Vow (Original Mix)

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 Kwamhlanga, South Africa