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Horizonz - Pensolvo - 2hrs x-faded deep delight 4 April 2008
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Non stop - No Edit - All slow x-faded - 2 hr mix

By Pensolvo


1 Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix) Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads
2 Pass It On Inland Knights
3 Work Dat Tommy Largo
4 if i stay (original vocal mix) arnold jarvis
5 The Beat Goes Boom Groove Federation Ft Craig Ham
6 B2 Sexy Samba (Original Mix) Chuck Daniels VS Slater Hogan
7 Handwriting Inland Knights
8 One Day (Main Mix) Melchyor
9 Novocain - Original Mix White Collar Criminals
10 Party Groove (Thomas Sahs remi Slater Hogan and John Larner
11 D-T3ch-B1 Meerkat Music VA
12 A1 Sexy Samba (Chuck Daniels Remix) Chuck Daniels VS Slater Hogan
13 A1 Bang The Lights Dirty Kicks
14 B1 Juice Joint Chuck Daniels VS Slater Hogan
15 Hot On Your Trail (Kinky Movement Remix) Olivier Desmet And Oriental Funk Stew
16 All This Love For You (Incl. Ralf Gum and Rocco Mixes) (Ralf Gum Original Mix) Ralf GUM feat. Diamondancer
17 No Hablo Espanol - Original Mix White Collar Criminals
18 The Sound Republic-B2 Hodge Podge VA
19 a2 white collar criminals - Jake Childs
20 Mundo Infantile (Rasmus Faber Deep Journey Remix) UPZ
21 Sultans Of Swing The Candy Dealers
22 Big Rhode - Original Mix JR From Dallas Next Dimension Music
23 Sweet Pheasant Lamanex
24 a1_the grind (sound navigators original mix) Sound navigators
25 Just Bounce (Original) JT Donaldson
26 Impressions EnigmaT Cut Balage Feat. Louis Hale & Dolores Petersen
27 Wanting you (Frequent Fliers White Collar Criminals 197 Warner Bros. Eugene Ruffolo/Gabriela Anders
28 Mushrooms Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads
29 Just Bounce (Block Committee's JT Donaldson
30 Shinkansen (The Odyssey) Tom Middleton Big Chill

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 Rio De Janerio, Brazil


  1. maybe its a --I dont wanna leave the 1st comment thing.. só
    here it goes ---

    ohh bro dat mix was dope !



  1. Hi, Pensolvo!
    I am very interrested in your dope mix, but i have a download problem....there is a red x instead the winamp-flash. Is this a fault on my computersystem? How can i or may be you solve this problem? is a shame your downloadcounter shows me 222, but still no comment how good your tunes are :(

    This goes out to the leechers...minium to comment:
    Thank for your tunes,bro!!!

    Stay groovy

    Narc ( A neighbour from Holland :) )

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Horizonz - Pensolvo - 2hrs x-faded deep delight
13 Apr 2008