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 Soweto, South Africa

Member Since: 22 Jun 2011
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25 Nov 2017
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10 Jul 2017
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29 Jun 2017
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22 Mar 2017
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16 Nov 2016

Mickzo Deep-Authentic.


Mickzo-DeepAuthentic Born raised in Limpopo Province and raides in Johannesburg - Soweto. Started to Dj @ in 2002 and developed a passion of House music in General. Inspired by Top underground Dj's who are still not in the very lime lite as me not compromising in Playing Good Music one way. The Likes of DJ Motsumi who is still one of the best Living Legends, Dj Christos and Dj BlackCoofee. I love Deep House and my Ear Does Not Discriminate to Good Music. Good Music is Good Music, the Ear is the Judge.

Joined the Soweto Deep House Group of Rhythmic Movement which Consist of Hi Caliber DJ's across Johannesburg showcasing of new Hot Tracks ,playing across Different Clubs and Sunday Sessions . For me Life is too Short to be playing Music. Always Consider to play like today is my last day on Earth.

House Is Part Of my Life as its a Passion & my Favourite Hobby Mixing my Personal best Deep House track mixes For the Specific Month consisting of Afro Tribal Music and Very basic Hot Soulful Music. Keeping it Deep and Nice to the Grave . Always have a Motto in my Mind : " Life is too Short To Be playing bad Music ' . Lets Keep Real ,For the Love of House.

Deep House to the Max... Afro Tribal Deep Mix to make it even Better. Deep is Deep "I Love Deep House and it will never End" - Mickzo Protea North Breed (Johannesburg - Soweto) Love Deep House and its my Favourite Hobby Mixing my Personal best Deep House track For the Specific Month. Keeping it Deep and Nice to the Grave :)

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