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Basement Art SA
Basement Art 79 | KiloBase Selection 4 April 2021
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Thank you for listening to the KiloBase Selection

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Music featured in this mix:

Deeptone - Essential I - Holding Back (Dubish)
Chymamusiq - Spin Worx, Dustinho, Caliba Music - Vho Makhadzi
Basement Art - Tahir Jones, UC Sounds - Same
Mofunk Records - Sculptured Music, Master B - Lights Out (Original Mix)
Chymamusiq - Buddynice - Me Before You (Chymamusique Remix)
Ezel - Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Ezel Remix)
Stay True Sounds - Sio, Dwson - Fabrications
Candid Beings - Jas Artchild - El Shaddai
DeepWit Recordings - BioHazard People - Gestolen Hond
Basement Art - Hypaphonik - Magimane (Derived Dub)
Makin Moves - Kemeticjust Presents - Just One - Ignited (Meditech Mix)
Iron Rods Music - Andileandy - Sad Piano
Yoruba Records - Rafael Moraes - One Shot ft Capitol A (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Freerange Records - Jimpster feat. Greg Paulus - Soul Spectral (Dub)
Rhythm Section International - Prequel - Love Or (I Heard You Like Heartbreak)
Miso - Charles Webster feat. Delroy Joseph - I Understand You
thenyshouse - Nutty Nys - Newness

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 Pretoria, South Africa