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Kenny Douglas
weeklyDeepSession (Episode 10) 7 July 2009
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Abicah Soul Project - Chuckie’s Turn
Alton Miller - Love Inside (Detroit Dub)
Alton Miller & Boddhi Satva - African People feat Sai Sai Mouss (Original Mix)
Anto Vitale - Theorema Del Faya (Tea Party Vocal)
Modaji - See The Changes
Nathan Haines - Earth Is The Place
Teddy Douglas Feat. Margaret Grace - Whatcha Gonna Do (Vox)
Fuzion & C Perez feat. Pedro Herrera - Save Me (Original Vocal Mix)
Ola Jagun & His Ancestral Rhytems - Odo Oya (Boyd’s Spiritual Vocal Mix)
Karizma - In Tha Deep (Kohesive Trybed Mix)
DJ Oji & DJ Buzzard - The Afronauts (Oji Buzz Original Mix)
Brett Johnson - Cuckoo (Motor City Soul Remix)
Luisito Quintero feat. Francis Mbappe - Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (Louie Vega EOL Mix)
Jephte Guillaume pres. Wiltrud Weber - Blue and Deep
Passion Dance Orchestra - Worlds
Lars Behrenroth - Deeper Shades EP Vol. 1 (The Way You Move feat. Chezere)
The Sunburst Band - Rough Times EP (He Is (Ian Friday Tea Party Mix)
Herb Martin - Soul Drums
Jazztronik - Dentro Mi Alma (Yoruba Soul remix)
Jovonn - Full Course EP (Sirens)
Motivacao feat. Amalia Remixes - Don’t Forget (Brazillian Soul Crew Main Mix)
Delgui - Hilights (Original Mix)
Filsonik - Can U (Syam Music mix)
Lil Louis - French Kiss

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