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The Deep Inspiration Show 53 & Show 54 (Africal Special Part 2) 12 December 2009
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hey deephousemix lovers...I hope you have fun with these mixes:-)

Show 53

enjoy this deep techy jazzy adventure with a lot of brandnew music........the playlist is online as a jpg @ !

Show 54 Africa Special Part 2

it's time for a new africa special:-) all tracks are available @ , please support the artists !

1. DJ Qness - Fugama Unamate (Accapella Mix), Ladema Records

2. Blaq Soul - Deep From Abuja, Blaq Soul Music

3. DJ Bullet - Tambura (Main Mix), Infinite Records

4. Black Coffee feat Zakes - Juju

5. Blackcoffee - 100 Zulu Warriors (Culoe De Song Remix), Soulistic Music

6. nkokhi – Abathwa, Dojob Records

7. Local Instuments Crew - My Friend

8. DJ Zondi - Essential Change, Organized Hustle

8. nkokhi – Ondaba, Dojob Records

10. Culoe De Song feat Busi Mhlongo - Webaba (Culoe De Song Mix), Soulistic Music


Please leave some feedbacks @

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 Osnabrück/Bielefeld, Germany


  1. Hey man. The tracklisting looks so SA. Thanks for this. Looking forward to it...Killing it all over the world with WeBaba.

  1. S'fiso Khumalo

    So true S'bo. Culoe is all over right now.

    Thanks for this mix Jazzman. Just confirms SA house is now recognised the world over.

  1. Dakalo 'DK' Thivhafuni

    This is great that SA House Music is getting recognition worldwide. Thanks Jazzman in Germany. Where do you get the songs? On traxsource, afrodisiamp3? Or do you have friends in SA? I will download the mix later. Sfiso, aslo checkout You will get a lot of afro deep mixes. Goodluck.


    DK in South Africa.

  1. I reckon Jazzman buys this sh1**t from afrodisiamp3 as he recommended this site on his deep inspiration show webisite. Check it out, he's got friends with nice mixes as well.

    What up DK...?

  1. woooow........thank you for the fast comments! Yes I buy my music always @ afrodisiamp3, traxsource & beatport........

    At the moment there are so many artists with perfect deep african music, but Culoe De Song is one of my favorite producer in the world! Every track is a pearl! Webaba is realy a killer track......I love every minute!

    Please give me also a feedback after listening:-) I hope all deep african house lovers like this one! If you missed part 1 of this mix, go to and check out the show 40.

    Can I copy your feedbacks to my Deep Inspiration Site?


  1. S'fiso Khumalo

    You're more then welcome Jazzman. I'm sure DK and S'bo will concur.

    The funny thing is I've come to learn about a lot of SA producers from Djs like you Jazzman and you're in my top 10, in the world.

    @DK, thanks for the link.

  1. Dakalo 'DK' Thivhafuni

    Cool guys. It's all good in the hood Sbonelo & Sfiso

    I'm busy downloading the mix. The net this side is just slow.

    Yo Jazzman, check out a guy called Aero Manyelo on Afrodisia Mp3 He's got a record label label called Herbal 3 Records. Check out songs like 4 days in Jail, Sensless Woman, Underground Wars,My Prayer,Real Stories,Masiku and lots more.

    If you want to check his stuff out, go to his MySpace or Facebook page.

    He acutally has a song called Mexican Girl that was suppose to feature on a compilation in Germany. Just dont know if that deal materialised.

    Rock on..

  1. Dakalo 'DK' Thivhafuni

    Jazzman, for sure you can copy our comments. Or should I say mine?

  1. @ Dakalo: I just checked the tracks @ afrodesia, I bought Senseless woman & 4 Days in jail.....thank you for this information! I play it in the future......

    I think that I copy all feedbacks from this site to my page, because no one leave messages @ . Now it looks good with the comments;-)

    See you later........keep it deep

  1. Dakalo 'DK' Thivhafuni

    Thanks for the great support.

    If you want to contact him, drop him an e-mail on Check his profile as well on

    I also checked www, There is also a mix I downloaded some time back for Dj Ricone on your website. He had the song Masiku by Aero Manyelo there as well.

    Are you gonna come this side for the 2010 soccer world cup?

  1. Dakalo 'DK' Thivhafuni

    @ Jazzman. I love the mix. It's hot...

  1. hey....nice feedbacks....please listen also to the new shows! There is always some africa influenced deep house music.....


    @ dakalo: I'm not @ the soccer worldc cup:-(

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