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Kowski - PLAYTIME 9 September 2008
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DTH is a website dedicated to true music founded by two German Djs Jazzman & Kowski.
The monthly Podcasts focus on neglected tracks, brand-new underground stuff and all the music that's worth a listen. No matter if House, Techno or rare Soul and Disco records. Every session will be available for download on this very site and of course as a Podcast "Abonnement" through iTunes.

After a nice summer break we're finally back. Starting with a new mix by myself recorded at the opening of my birthday party. very deep, very HOUSE. Within the next weeks you'll get some new stuff by gHood from Munich and legendary Agent Schwiech from Freiburg, Germany.
Enjoy !

Claro Intelecto - Harsh Reality
Rondenion - The Beautiful Memory
W & P Hgg - Dark Children
Baaz - Just about (Agnes Simple Mix)
JC Freaks - The Rock
Kurt Harman Project - Pop, Dip & Spin
Omega Midi - Omega Midi (Ray Valioso's Esta Afuera ? Dub)
Lazar - Deep Minsk
Stefan Goldmann - Say What ?
Kalk - Thank You Larry
Andrés - Love Heals
Telespazio - Telemetric (Arto's Guitar Down Remix)
K.O.T. - I Want You
MAW feat. India - When You Touch Me

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 Osnabrück/Bielefeld, Germany


  1. Great mix !

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