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DTDH-2008: Tribute to Jaidene Veda 7 July 2020
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1.Beautiful (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix) – N’Dinga Gaba, Jaidene Veda feat. Josh Milan
2.Falling (Main Mix) – AphroDisiax feat. Jaidene Veda
3.I Smile (Mannix Big Smile Remix) – George Lesley, Jaidene Veda
4.Late Night Soul (Original Mix) – Jamier Christer
5.Muted Chaos (Original Mix) – Black Cadmium
6.Shadowboxing Heroes (Original Mix) – Jaidene Veda, Rony Breaker
7.Sunday (Booker T Vocal Mix) – Jaidene Veda
8.With Me (SoulLab Afro Soul Mix) – Jaidene Veda, Mind Street
9.Your Love (Fromwood Gold Remix) – From P60, Jaidene Veda
10.Do For Love – Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda
11.New Day (Dave Anthony Bass Vibes Remix) – Fuminori Kagajo, Jaidene Veda
12.All Is Full of Love (Miquifaye Vocal Mix) – Anthony Nicholson, Jaidene Veda
13.Sun Kissed (ISO 9000 Tech Mix) – St. Jovis, Jaidene Veda
14.Don’t Stop (Mark Francis Remix) – Jaidene Veda
15.Hero (B2S Remix) – Roque, Jaidene Veda
16.Take My Hand (Sebb Junior Mix) – Audiowhores, Jaidene Veda
17.Do It For Love (Ralf GUM Unreleased Main Mix) – Ralf GUM, Jaidene Veda
18.Luxury (Charles Webster Mix 1) – Luka, Jaidene Veda
19.The Way (Jazzuele Darkside Remix) – Luka, Jaidene Veda
20.If Only (Elle Stilnovo Remix) – Jaidene Veda
21.Somewhere (Original) – Kid Fonque, Jonny Miller, Jaidene Veda
22.The Blue (Eric Kupper Remix) – Fuminori Kagajo, Jaidene Veda
23.Who Knew (Transemicsoul Vocal Mix) – Jaidene Veda, Osaze
24.Into Life (P.M. Project Remix) – The Rurals, Jaidene Veda
25.Heartbrake (Original Mix) – Morpei
26.Nature Boy (Straight Deep Mix) – Marco Fracasso, Jaidene Veda
27.Overstanding (Anthony Nicholson Remix) – Luka, Jaidene Veda
28.Wanderlust (Roque Remix) – Jaidene Veda, Roque
29.Change (Deep Xscape Deep Remix) – Monodeluxe, Jaidene Veda,
30.Sweet Life (Full Vocal) – From P60, Jaidene Veda
31.Beautiful (Jonny Miller Afrotek Mix) – N’Dinga Gaba, Jaidene Veda feat. Josh Milan

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