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 Pmb, South Africa

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Bond Jobe


Bond Jobe, a DJ/Producer who prefers to be called a Musician rather. Born and Grew up in the rural's of Mafakathini near the district of Pietermaritzburg and Howick, has surely grown his musical talent as it begun in his early teens as a Pianist thereafter applying his talent in music production software "FL Studio". This young producer has tatood his mark on many music loving souls as the "Soul Groove Master" as his sound creepily cross fades from what one could classify as "Deep" into "Soulful" and yet again "Electronic". Having worked with many great talents and being family to the well known "Lemon & Herb" he has surely taken his journey to another dimension, releasing on great platforms and labels such as Soul Afrika Records, Open Bar Music, and his home label Black People Records. Owner of Planet Of House Lifestyle he also hosts radio shows and podcasts where he gives new talent (underdogs) the platform to be heard and noticed by the world. He continues to grow his talent and exposure to the world.